Moving on to the next adventure 📖

For the last five months we have been living in our tents. To have 4 walls, a ceiling, wifi, electricity, and running hot water has been quite the luxury the very few times we’ve had it. I could maybe count on my hands the times we’ve had all of those things at once since we started this. What a strange thing that when we return, we’ll have all of those things at once and it will be permanent. They will just all be around almost all the time. It’s gonna feel a little strange.

Our thoughts have been on our imminent return to the real world for the last few days. It is currently our second to last day on Kauai. Soon we will be back to Colorado and we’ll have to find jobs and housing and all that jazz. I’m sure a little while from now when I’m in a job working I’ll look back wistfully at good times like this very morning. It is 9:15 am and I am laying in a hammock, drinking a breakfast beer, and listening to waves crash on Polihale Beach.

I would definitely describe our feelings on returning as bittersweet. We’ve had a great time and a wonderful adventure. We have seen so much. We’ve traveled through 4 states, mostly on foot. We saw more of California than we ever wanted to see. We have been in desert, dry mountains, wet mountains, very high elevation mountains, cold northern beaches, and hot tropical paradise. And we have been free of the 40 hour workweek grind for almost 5 months now. It’s great to just do what you want when you want to do it.

But on the other hand we are quite ready to return to normal society and normal life. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows out here. We are ready to have normal hygiene. On the PCT we had terrible hygiene and never quite got used to it. And I mean terrible. The stink has still not quite left my armpits. Going camping for a week and not showering is one thing. Having poor hygiene for the long term is something else entirely.

Another thing we are excited for is the privacy of living in a house. It does get old sleeping in tents close to others in tents. You don’t get much privacy from strangers. That’s been interesting on Kauai. There’s a lot of tourists camped close by and plenty of permanently homeless camped nearby. There was an interesting morning recently when the always present chickens started crowing and woke the whole campground up at 4:30 am. This was a small campground with quite a few tents packed closely. It woke up this young couple who, as we realized the night before, did not understand how well sound travels when you’re in tents. So this couple started loudly talking and laughing. Then they got quiet, and then some strange noises starting issuing from their direction. It became very obvious to the whole campground what they were doing. Then they got louder, in ways I won’t describe in this blog. It was pretty uncomfortable, and another reminder of how nice it will be to be back in society.

But how will we feel when we are back in society, back indoors? No longer breathing the open air and hearing the sounds of nature all around. We have become very accustomed to this life. I’m not sure how it will feel, but I know it is time to return.

Overall, it has been a pretty amazing time. Not everything has been fun and easy, but that’s why it’s called an adventure. We have seen a great many things, met some very interesting people, and pushed our boundaries farther than ever. I can’t wait to see what life has in store next.

Happy trails.

Pinion and Sage

P.S We have more pictures from Kauai that we will be sharing once we get HOME! But please enjoy some of our favorites from the whole trip below.

Living Aloha


So we have been in Kauai for two and a half weeks. A dream vacation, the ultimate honeymoon. And we are just two brats who happened to land really cheap plane tickets here. What has it been like? Pretty much what you expect.

After months of hiking 20+ miles every single day, we have taken this time to do pretty much nothing. Our days have been filled with beach laying, hammock swinging, boogie boarding, snorkeling, beer drinking, shave ice eating, sand between my toes, and sticky sunscreen days. It’s been pretty rough 😉. Currently I am laying in a hammock looking out on Polihale beach drinking a beer at nine in the morning (As they say, it’s five o’clock somewhere). 🏝

When we decided to come to Kauai back in the desert on the Pacific Crest Trail we thought “the island is small we will be able to walk everywhere or hitch if need be”. It was easy on the PCT so why not in Kauai. What we didn’t think of was that the reason it was so easy on the PCT is because of the knowledge and culture surrounding the PCT. Everyone who lives around the PCT knows about it and wants to help hikers. It’s a little different in Kauai. In Kauai you are just another homeless vagabond living on beaches. Also, this a very tourist driven economy. They want the people who visit here to spend a lot of money. Rent a car, stay in a resort, buy merchandise. The amenities for the local people is poor. Either everything is very well taken care of and is priced accordingly, or is in very poor condition. Now, don’t get me wrong. We have had a blast in Kauai. But I am just saying that being a local here would be hard. Always having visitors get the very best and serving them as your profession.

So all that being said, we made the unplanned decision to rent a car. This made the trip a lot easier and a lot more fun. If you plan to vacation in Kauai in the future and camp we would definitely recommend renting a car. This has made seeing the island much more feasible and fun. We can do everything on our own time and for the first time in five months we can buy food that needs to stay cold! What a privilege! Sidenote: for anyone renting a car in the future we would recommend the app TURO. It is a lot like Air BnB but for cars. You rent a personal car from a local in the area and can save quite a bit of money.

So here has been some of our favorite things we have done in Kauai.

Best place to camp:

Polihale State Park

Koke’e State Park

Anini Beach

Prettiest Beach:

Polihale State Park

Secrets Beach

Best day-hiking:

Koke’e State Park

Best town:


Best food:

The Greenery

Pono Market

Jojo’s Shave Ice

Cafe Turmeric

Gina’s Anykine Grinds

Best snorkeling:

Anini Beach

Nualolo Kai

Lawai Beach

There is a lot you can do on Kauai. And it’s great that a lot of what you can do has been free. However we did do a boat tour of the Na Pali Coast. Which is said to be the best coastline in all of the world (it can be seen in the films Jurassic Park, King Kong, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, etc). This is one of the reasons we chose to come to Kauai, unfortunately a storm that happened back in April of 2018 wiped out the only road and the only trail you can take to see the Na Pali coast (big bummer for us!). That is why we did a boat tour, which is normally a pretty expensive activity. However, we got a buy one get one free tour. How did we get this? We did one of those notorious timeshare presentations, of course. Little did they know that we were homeless and unemployed. 😬 The tour was five hours long, and we decided to do a raft tour. This was supposed to be the most adventurous and physically demanding. We saw a pod of hundreds of spinner dolphins, sea turtles, and were able to go inside sea caves. It was a pretty cool tour. If anyone were to take a tour in the future I would highly suggest leaving from Hanalei on the North shore instead of Port Allen on the South shore. The Na Pali Coast was very beautiful and definitely worth the cost. Maybe we will be able to go back and hike it in the future.

The Na Pali Coast- from google

Snorkeling has been a lot of fun and there is quite a few beaches to snorkel at on Kauai. We have seen a variety of fish, jellyfish, and sea turtles! One of our favorite activities is just swimming on the beaches and catching the waves. And of course, sunsets here on Kauai are unbelievable!

Another thing that I would like to mention is all of the chickens. There are wild roaming chickens everywhere! On the hiking trails, the camp sites, and also in town. They actually are mostly in towns scavenging for left overs. With chickens being everywhere this means we wake up to their crowing promptly at 4:30 AM every morning and again at 6 AM 😑. They are pretty funny to watch though!

All in all it has been a pretty fun experience, but after five months we are ready to get home! We fly back to Colorado this Sunday the 23rd and we are very excited. So if any of our Colorado readers know of any jobs, hook a sista up!

A HUGE HUGE thank you to all of you who have helped us along the way. You have no idea what it means and how much it has helped us. You are all the real MVP’s! What an adventure of a lifetime.

That’s all I have for now, tune in for life after getting back to the real world! ( More pictures to come!)

Happy Trails!

Sage and Pinion