do whatever it is that makes your heart content


What do you love to do? What’s your passion? What gives you that spark to keep striving, to never give up, or run the extra mile? Whatever it is we all pull inspiration from something. Some of my most savored moments are lying on warm sandstone, looking up at huge spires of red rock and blue sky. It always amazes me just how blue the sky looks against those red rocks. It is easy to be inspired when you are outside.  The trees, the rocks, the moon, the sun, the way my feet glide from rock to rock.

What inspires you in your everyday life? You know the life where we all work 40 hours a week, cook dinner, clean the house, do all of that “adulting” nonsense. Whatever you can do to give yourself that 10 minutes a day of pure bliss, that is important. One of my favorite pure bliss moments is driving to work every morning with my windows down, speakers blasting while I sing my heart out to the road. Music has the ability to take happy to ecstatic, and understand every sorrow.

So what is your daily inspiration? Maybe its morning light peering through the blinds, or the first sip of coffee hitting your lips. Whatever it is, never lose sight of your passion and keep striving to better yourself and be a positive influence to those around you. And so I say, do whatever it is that makes your heart content!

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