Aloha 🌴

Hello, guys. We’re sitting in a coffee shop in Hanalei, Hawaii. This morning we got up and went for a beachside run and exercise. Afterwards, we ate breakfast in our hammocks and listened to Jack Johnson. But before we get too much into Hawaii, it has been a little while since we checked in and a lot has happened.

First, we finished our hike of the PCT. We got into Cascade Locks on August 31. We triumphantly walked across the Bridge of the Gods (kind of a scary bridge to walk across) and we knew in our hearts that we were done with our very long walk. The last 80 miles of our hike was very nice. It was a little flatter and easier than much of Washington, though not quite as scenic. Then when we got into town, we had a victory milkshake to celebrate.

Soon after, Brenda, Amanda’s mom, arrived from Nebraska. We spent almost a week touring the Northwestern corner of Oregon. We spent some nights in Tillamook State Forest. We found some great dispersed camping right next to a nice stream in the middle of the forest. It was a very peaceful place to hang out with Brenda, lay in hammocks, and play Phase 10. We also checked out some pretty awesome Oregon beaches. We went to Cannon Beach, Nehalem Bay, and Rockaway Beach. Nehalem Bay State Park was our favorite. It was very scenic and didnt have very many people or business or any touristy stuff. Just some really pretty beach. Oh, and we also went into the factory where they make Tillamook cheese. I know that sounds pretty cheesy (no pun intended) but it was actually pretty cool. We also celebrated two years of marriage on September 3rd!! ❀️

And soon after it was time to part ways with Brenda and the mainland and to head to Hawaii. It was a long and uneventful day of flying and finally we arrived in Kauai! We’ve been spending a lot of time just relaxing around beaches. Unfortunately it has taken us a couple of days to figure how to do this whole homeless in Hawaii thing. Its a little different than the homeless PCT hiker lifestyle. But we’re getting things figured out. We’re just working our way around the island, seeing whats out there and what the little beach towns are like. So far Hanalei is my favorite. Soon we’ll have some stories about snorkeling and hiking!

Happy Trails!

Sage and Pinion

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