Trail Daze

Trail daze- a week on trail

August 6th


Today I woke up in beautiful Stehekin, WA. A tiny “town” in the middle of the North Cascade Mountains on the shore of Lake Chelan. This is our first resupply town after getting into WA. We will be getting back on trail tomorrow after visiting the famous Stehekin Bakery.

August 7th

7:30AM-3:00PM 17 Miles

Because of a fire closure we will be taking a detour today around the PCT. This will only add 10 Miles. The detour will take us to Holden Village. Holden Village is a Lutheran summer camp in the middle of the forest( shoutout to all my mom’s friends who read this blog!). The detour trail was a difficult, unused, unmaintained trail with tricky footing. But imagine two former Lutheran camp counselors delight when we arrived to Holden Village and were greeted with open arms. They told to sit down and relax , have all the juice, coffee, tea, and cereal that we wanted. We stayed for their all you can eat dinner of brats, homemade bread and salad. Then we went to nightly worship and the ice cream that followed. It was wonderful. We camped at a forest service campground just outside of Holden.

August 8th

7AM-4:30PM 22 Miles

We had 11 miles left of the fire detour this morning before we were back on the PCT. The 11 Miles was all up hill to get over Cloudy Pass around a 4,000 foot climb. Then it was a steep downhill for the rest of the 10 Miles that we did today. We are camping out next to a river that is mostly bug free!

August 9th

6AM-5PM 25Miles

It was a rough one. We started out with 4,000 foot climb. At the top we got our first glimpse of Glacier Peak! Glacier Peak is way taller than all of the mountains around it and covered in you guessed it, glaciers. We then hiked a steep and overgrown trail back down the 4,000 feet just to hike back up to Red Pass with a 4,200 feet gain. Jumped into a freezing cold lake here with some other hikers. Back down 2,000 feet to our campsite at Red Creek.

August 10th

6:00AM-5:00PM 25 Miles

Today we got to start with a downhill looking at Glacier Peak all morning long. We went downhill underneath the shade of trees covered in moss and streams blue from glacial dust. Time to climb 5,000 feet up and over Fire Pass. Once on top we followed a ridge all the way to Lake MaryAnne where we stayed for the night.

August 11th

6:20AM-5:30PM 26 Miles.

Woke up to a misty, foggy morning. It was cold enough that we kept our down jackets and rain jackets on all morning. Today was a long 26 miles of continual up’s and down’s. Lots of day hikers on trail as we get close to trail. We woke up wet and cold and went to bed wetter and colder. But alas, tomorrow is town day!

August 12th

7AM-7:50 3 Miles.

We arrived to Stevens Pass by 8AM and got a hitch to the town of Leavenworth by 9 AM. Leavenworth is a quaint Bavarian themed town. We had our fill of brats, pretzels, and beer! Staying at a KOA to rest and resupply.

August 14th

3ish Miles?

Well we are resupplied and ready to hit the trail again. I am currently sitting in a ski resort lodge waiting for my batteries to charge and then we will head back up the mountain to find a place to rest for the night.

Exciting news on our front. Amanda’s Mom will be visiting us on trail September 1-6! We are looking forward to hanging out and catching up! Thanks for being you, Mom!

And for all of my Lutheran friends or anyone who enjoys nature and seclusion, do yourself a favor and check out Holden Village. It was amazing and tempted us to quit trail and just volunteer at Holden Village for the rest of our time. Maybe in the future?

Until next time,

Happy Trails

Sage and Pinion

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