We made it! After an entire week off, 20 hours on the road, and a lot grace from many trail angels we finally made it to Washington state.

We descended down to I-5 near Dunsmuir, CA in a complete haze of smoke on July 25th. The smoke had appeared a few days before and with no cell service had us worried. Upon arrival we got first news of the Redding, CA fire just down the road and the many other fires in CA. After taking a zero day and talking to many locals we decided that we were going to make the flip up to Washington. The smoke was getting very thick making for miserable hiking but also the temperatures had been hitting 100 degrees for the past two weeks. Let me tell you first hand, hiking 25+ miles a day in a sweltering 100 degrees is not very much fun.

We had to kill a few days in the town of Mt. Shasta to wait for our Greyhound bus. Mt. Shasta is a small tourist town full of hippies and outdoor enthusiasts. We received many aids including, free camping, showers in a retail store, coffee, and free movie tickets! Again, the generosity of people we have met on the trail is unbelievable.

We also made a phone call to our very first trail angels who had given us a hitch all the way back in Julian, CA. Back then in late April, Dave and Beth were visiting California from their home state of Washington. They gave us our very first hitch, took us to lunch, and told us to call them when we made our way to Washington. After keeping in touch we let them know we were flipping up and we would be heading their way sooner than anticipated. After receiving a “can you call me” text, Dave and Beth offered to drive us to Canadian border if we could make our way to Olympia, WA.

So we made our way to Olympia on the Greyhound bus. After 13 stinky and uncomfortable hours on the bus we made it to Olympia. We then spent a very comfortable night and a day hanging out with Dave and Beth. They showed us the town and we ate some great food. Then they very generously drove us all the way up to Mazama. And from a pass near Mazama we started hiking again.

So we escaped the fires in California. And now we have run into more fires in Washington. I guess this is how things are in the West right now. So now we are working out our logistics and figuring out our way around the fire closures. But the climate in Washington is far better. It’s chilly, less smoky, and the fires are much smaller. And not to mention, the scenery is pretty fantastic.

We just went to the monument on the Canadian border and now we are on our way southbound. Can’t wait to see the rest of Washington!

Happy Trails,

Sage and Pinion

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