Flipping up to Washington

Hi all!

We have not been very good at updating the blog lately. It has been difficult to find a good WiFi connection anywhere in Northern California! But please enjoy some pictures below of the lush, rolling, green landscape of NorCal.

However, we did want to update everyone that we will be flipping up from Mt. Shasta, where we currently are, up to the border of Canada and Washington. It is super hot and dry in NorCal and Oregon and wildfires are popping up everywhere. The smoke is thick. All of it combined makes for some crappy and dangerous hiking conditions. So we’re going to Washington where things should improve. We’ll be hiking southbound.

Fun facts from the past couple of weeks!

1. Corey celebrated his 25th birthday on trail a few days ago!

2. We saw a black bear and a rattlesnake in the same day.

3. We got to stay in a “micro trailer” the other day that was barely big enough for two people to sleep in. It has air conditioning and we stayed in that tiny box ALL day long.

4. We recently started listening to podcasts on trail. So if any of you have favorites drop us a comment!

5. We saw a black widow that had captured a beetle the size of a mouse. ( picture below!)

Happy Trails!

Sage and Pinion

3 thoughts on “Flipping up to Washington

  1. Glad to hear you’re going to go around the fires and come down. It’s not a good place to be right now! Besides, there are all kinds of dangerous animals out there to get you, it looks like. Can’t believe that black widow and the beetle – eeewwww!


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