Anecdotes from the trail

Hi all! We have just enough service to make a post but not enough service to post pictures. So please enjoy some of our favorite odd/funny moments from the trail.

1. Hee-Haw Lady AKA Mrs. Jackass

So there we are in the middle of nowhere SoCal, and I mean the middle of nowhere. The town was called Warner Springs if you could call it a town. There was a post office, a fire department, a school, and a community center. There was nothing else, not even residences. It was just surrounded by a lot of farming and ranching. We were doing what hikers do after their first one hundred miles of trail, not moving. Some old lady with white hair drives up in a huge silver Dodge pickup. She, Mrs. Jackass, stops with the window rolled down, picks Corey out of the crowd and stares him straight in the face. She then starts hee-hawing loudly like a donkey. And not just hee-hawing but hee-hawing accurately like she’s had years of practice. She continues doing this while staring Corey directly in the face for a good 30-40 seconds. I (Amanda) disturbed by the situation actually hid behind a tree. Then an old man, presumably Mr. Jackass, walked up to the truck and Mrs. Jackass starts busting a gut laughing while pointing at us. Then Mrs. Jackass offers us a ride to the post office, which we politely declined.

2. If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

Again, there we are in the middle of nowhere ( we seem to spend a lot of time there on this trail) eating lunch in a very dry forest. We had just sat down under some trees in the shade to escape the heat. We brought out our sitting pads, got our food ready, and put electrolytes in our water while paying no mind to the small dead tree behind us. And why should we, we literally pass dozens and dozens of them every single day. So imagine our surprise about twenty minutes later when we hear a large crack and a thump behind us. We turn around and this previously standing dead tree is now laying on the ground not four feet away from us. It happened so fast we didn’t have time to turn around and see it before it hit the ground. We counted our lucky stars that the tree decided to fall in a direction away from us. And yes, when a tree falls down in the woods it does make a sound.

3. Don’t expect privacy on the PCT

So there we are in the middle of nowhere with a road next to us this time. It was shortly after the small mountain town of Mt. Laguna. It was getting late, and we were ready to camp so we were walking quickly down the trail. We walked right next to a lookout point with a parking lot right off the highway. Not 500 feet down from the parking lot on the PCT we see a mans feet sticking out of the bushes. He bursts out of the bushes and pulls his pants up as quick as he can. Soon we realize there’s another pair of feet sticking out of the bushes. These two belong to a woman lying on the ground, she is also trying to get dressed as quickly as she can. Amanda feeling awkward keeps walking, without hesitating, without looking, just goes. The couple feeling very embarrassed blurt out their apologies. And we just kept on moving. See ya, maybe don’t do that right on a trail?

4. Oh, shit!

So there we are at the Middle Fork of the Feather River. It was a beautiful spot with warmer water, a gentle current, and deep pools. We had just finished swimming and Corey was drying off and getting dressed. He had just finished chatting amiably with another hiker who was just heading in for a dip. Suddenly a deafening crack sounded in the canyon. Corey jumped and wildly looked around the canyon. He checked his pants to make sure he didn’t have to clean them off in the river and then looked around for the source of the noise. Were boulders falling down the canyon? Did something just happen to the big steel bridge that crossed the river? Did a lighting bolt just come out of the clear blue sky? No, none of these things were happening, so what did it? Soon, Corey saw what was actually the second military fighter jet doing practice runs low over the canyon. Soon a second deafening crack sounded over the canyon. All of the hikers looked around at each other and laughed as they realized that there was no threat. Meanwhile I (Amanda) was picking myself up off the ground from the sound of the first crack and the realization of what was happening.

We will check back in with you guys in a hundred and forty miles!

Sage and Pinion

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