Miles to go before I sleep

By Corey

Hello, guys. So we’ve been doing this whole thru hiking thing for a while now. Its been 2 months and we have actually made it more than a thousand miles (woohoo!). We are sitting in South Lake Tahoe and are finally making another blog post now that we actually have some service and wifi.

Its an interesting part of the journey now. We have acclimated well to life on the trail. Our legs and feet have gotten (more or less) used to the high daily mileage. We have passed through some of the most challenging parts of the trail. The desert, with the heat and lack of water, and the High Sierra, with the high elevation and snowy conditions, may be some of the more difficult sections we face. So now with that excitement over, we face the long stretches of northern California and Oregon and we find a different dilemma. The trail is no longer as new and exciting and instead we see hundreds of miles of similar forest ahead. So to fight this more mental challenge we have started to try making the trail and the tent a little more like home. Heres how we’re doing that:

1: Gotta have that Netflix.

At home, we always watched Netflix before going to bed. Its become a favorite thing for us to do on the trail now too. We’ve been downloading and watching The Office, some crime shows, and even a movie now and then. Its pretty awesome.

2: Just laying around in the tent all the time.

We love to just hang out in the tent when the day is over. And as uncomfortable as we found our sleeping pads to be at the beginning, we’ve gotten very used to them. So, yeah, we’re pretty lazy at the end of the day.

3: Having a morning routine.

We do the same thing every morning. We get up. Then we eat our oatmeal that has been cold soaking overnight. My oatmeal usually has instant coffee mixed in. Pretty appetizing, I know. Then we eat a pop tart. After that the backpacks get packed up. We get water if needed. And we hit the trail. I know, it sounds like how you would imagine a trail morning to be. But having a routine is good to get the day going.

4: A little literature.

Soon we’ll be adding one of my favorite pastimes to our evening: reading nerdy fantasy novels. Amanda has generously agreed to trying out reading a book together on trail. It will be pretty great.

5. Cats!

Amanda misses her cats….a lot (freak). So every once and a while I look over to see her thumbing through pictures and videos on her phone of the cats. She always laughs and shows me the same videos and pictures over and over again as if it were a brand new picture. Whatever gets you through I guess. 😜

Note from Amanda:

Ok, maybe I’m a freak but look at these babies! ⬇️

Happy Trails!

Sage and Pinion

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