I would walk 500 Miles and I would 500 more….

500 Miles!! Actually we are at 566 Miles now in Tehachapi, CA.

For me (Amanda), this was a minimum. We had to at least walk 500 Miles so we could say we did it. But here I am sitting in some small laundromat writing a blog and cleaning my clothes for the next section up to Kennedy Meadows. Kennedy Meadows is 140 miles away and it is also the beginning of the Sierra Nevada mountains!!!! We could not be more excited. The desert has been a huge portion of this trail and we are ready for some different scenery and for some damn water.

This stretch that we just ended is one of the more notable and infamous stretches on the PCT. We hit three huge hiker stops Hiker Heaven, Casa de Luna, and Hiker Town. We also had to walk 17 Miles along the Los Angeles Aqueducts through the Mojave Desert with little to no water resupply. This means that the best thing you can do is night hike and “try” to sleep during the day. Fortunately for us, we happened to walk through this part during a rarity: it was cold, rainy, and overcast….. in the Mojave. Not only was it cold but in the middle of nowhere desert we also received trail magic from a Burning Man group! We were walking through some tremendous wind through a wind farm and before we saw it we heard electronic music and smelled incense. Upon arrival we were greeted by a huge tent set up of grills, snacks, cold drinks, puppies, chairs, music, charging stations, and facials! It was a wild experience.

We were greeted by trail magic twice more after that! Once from an cool, old Hippie from Tehachapi and second from a trail angel named Coppertone.

The trail has been completely different than we anticipated. Instead of solitude and quiet it is very social. Whenever we get to town we are greeted with open arms by trail angels who would be happy to drive us to the grocery store and the laundromat. After every resupply we have a new “tramily” of people to get to know for the next section. For two introverts we hope that the crowd thins like every says that it will in the Sierras, but we are also enjoying meeting new people and having different experiences.

Happy Trails!

Sage and Pinion

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