Corey’s thoughts about Thru hiking so far:

Corey’s thoughts about thru hiking so far:

1: I feel like I’m doing sports right now, like I’m in high school doing track or football. Hiking 20 miles in one day is tough. Hiking back to back 20 mile days for several days in a row is tougher. I thought I was in good shape before, but this is something else. We’ve got aches and pains, we’re taping up sore joints, and taking ibuprofen to help with swelling. Its tough work.

2: We’ve definitely seen some gorgeous country, but something we didnt think about is that we can’t skip the not so gorgeous spots. When we’ve done trips before, we drive through the boring places to get to the great ones. When you’re thru-hiking, there’s no car, so you have to trudge through the hot, desolate places, often filled with major highways and private property so that you can get to the next mountain range.

3: Heres a detail you might not want to know. Leave no trace ethics in backpacking areas like the PCT compells you to pack out all of your used toilet paper. I was pretty apprehensive about this at first. Turns out its not so bad. I dont even notice its there. And anyway, whatever small amount of smell is coming off of it doesnt even compare to my stink after 100 miles without a shower.

4: The heat of the desert is brutal. Measures like night and very early morning hiking become necessary just to get by.

5: Food and drink that I may have turned my nose up at before is now a huge treat. Mcdonalds and cheap light beer after a bunch of hiking really hit the spot.

Pinion aka Corey

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