Thoughts from Amanda’s brain

1. 10 before 10. 10 Miles before 10 AM is a good thing.

2. Oreos are my best friend. On the trail you can literally eat anything you want. You are burning thousands of calories everyday. Oreos are what I want!

3. The trail and my mind are more beautiful in the morning and the evening. In SOCAL it is hot, like really hot. We like to hike early in the morning, take a siesta in the afternoon when it is hot, and then hike again in the evening. My mind does better when it’s cooler!

4. What do I miss the most? My family, my bed, my cats, and vegetables lol. Oh also, showers, I miss showers ALOT.

5. Time to myself. I have never had so much time to myself before and my brain and I have a lot of conflicts but we always work it out.

6. Water water water. Water is everything. When I wake up I think about water, when I’m huffing from a climb it’s water, when my mind is wandering it’s water, when I go to bed it’s always water. We carry enough water and never go without but it is definitely what our lives revolve around right now. Where we camp, where we lunch, and how many miles we walk depends upon water. Water is the essence of life.

7. Trail magic. Trail magic is awesome and always in the back of my mind. I hope over the next hill someone will be waiting there with Gatorade. That is always what I crave. Instead it’s always beer! A cold beer can do the trick as well. Trail magic is amazing and so surprising and generous. We run into so many people who do trail magic just for fun and because they enjoy the hiker trash culture so much. Everyone has been so nice, whether it is food, hitches, or even letting us stay at their place!

8. Bedtime. Thru-hiker bed time is 8 PM sharp. Don’t mess with the flow!

9. Food. I can’t even begin to tell you how much food I am currently eating. I would guess around 3-4 thousand calories a day and I’m still losing weight. When we get to towns I can put down 3-4 thousand in one sitting. It is insane. Here is my new favorite breakfast to put things into perspective. A tortilla wrap consisting of a thick layer of Nutella and a package of pop tarts, then two packs of oatmeal. That and a snack of a snickers bar last until about lunch.

10. Listen to your body. That is the best advice I could give any hiker. If your body says no, listen.

Sage aka Amanda

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