Hello, Miles 200, 250, 266…

We’re here in Big Bear City and we’ve now made it 266 miles from the Mexico border! Its been a pretty crazy, tough time since the last update. We last made a post in Warner Springs back at mile 109. We’ve hiked through a few different mountainous areas and quite a bit of desert.

Not long after Warner Springs we encountered the San Jacinto Mountains. They were steep and pretty. The trails felt like Colorado trails, so we were quite at home. There were some very tall trees and some big viewpoints. In the middle of those mountains, we hit the town of Idyllwild. We decided to take a day off and rest the legs. Idyllwild was a fun and quirky mountain town. They had a great grocery store (finally some decent backpacking food!). We also got to meet the mayor, a golden retriever named Mayor Max (yeah, he really is the mayor).

After Idyllwild, we went back into that same mountain range for a few days. Then we descended 8000 feet of elevation in about ten miles into the valley where interstate 10 goes from Palm Springs to Cabazon. Once we made it down, we were in the desert, where the temperature was in the nineties. We ran into some much needed trail magic (thanks DNA!). We then continued through the desert heat for another grueling few days before finally making it back into some cooler mountains. Those days going down to I-10 and all the desert that followed have been the most challenging so far.

Then we passed into the San Bernardino mountains and into Big Bear City. Now we’re about to head back out for another hundred miles. Next stop, Wrightwood!


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