Hello, mile 100!

Hello, mile 100!

We’ll, we’re over 100 miles in. I want to tell you it’s been the best time ever. I want to say that the food has been great and we smell like roses. But dang, this is dirty and difficult work. We stink, we’re dirty, and we have various aches and pains in our legs and feet.

Each day in Southern California has been a little bit different. The low elevations were hot and slightly humid. The high elevations were warm and actually had some trees to give you a little shade. But mostly the hiking has been in desert mountains. Its a lot of up and down, a lot of rocks, and a lot of exposure.

This morning’s hike was maybe my favorite. It started out in the mountains, then progressed into a low, open prairie area. It was open and very scenic. Then it led to a walk along a stream (quite the rarity out here). There was grass, some huge, gnarly trees, and a herd of dairy cows. This reminded Amanda much of good ol’ Nebraska!

But each day we fall more into a rhythm. Hike in the morning, siesta in the afternoon , and finish the hike in the evening. Our feet and legs hurt a little less. We figure out how to feed ourselves. And we can hike a little farther each day. As we discover our rhythm, we enjoy what we’re doing more and more.

Also, “trail magic” is a real thing! Thanks to all of the trail angels out there for taking care of us!

Corey and Amanda

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