Those dogs are barking

We are 76 Miles in. We hiked 9 Miles today and then hitched into Julian, California. We experienced some “trail magic” and we were greeted with cold beer and hot dogs! Best thing we have ever seen. Then the couple that gave us a hitch into town also bought us lunch and sent us on our way with pie! They were the nicest people! (Thanks Dave and Beth!) We are hanging out at Carmen’s Garden in Julian, which is a hiker haven. We washed our clothes, charged our phones, and had some really good food. We plan to hitch back to the trail tonight.

The trail has been amazing! The California desert is barren and hot, filled with cacti and many elevation gains and losses. We are both enjoying the hike and trying to get used to the high mileage days.

Corey has blistery feet and I have achy knee’s but otherwise we have high spirits!

Corey and Amanda

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