Four days out from PCT 2018.

Before the last few weeks, we were preparing, buying supplies, working out, and researching. You know, trying to be productive. The last two-weeks out from the PCT here is what we have been doing.

We left our jobs. We packed up our townhouse, cleaned it, and moved all of our stuff into storage. That was quite the process. Now we are just hanging out with family, eating A LOT of food, going to hot springs, and not working out. Just trying to be lazy before we’re hiking as many miles a day as our feet can carry us.

Waves of nerves and emotions have been coming. We did get a bit sentimental after leaving Grand Junction. It’s been a good place to live and play for the last five years. And every once in a while we do get a bout of anxiety, thinking about living in a tent for the next six months. But overall, we are very excited and can not wait for our adventure to begin.

Monday morning we will fly to San Diego and will be picked up by “Trail Angels” at the airport. They will give us a hot meal and a place to rest before sending us on our way Tuesday morning. We will then begin the long journey of 2,650 miles traveling from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada going through California, Oregon, and Washington.

“To accomplish great things in life we must first dream, then visualize, then plan…believe…act”- Alfred Manapert (Thanks, Grammy!).

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