We are two and half weeks out from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail- Here’s how we are feeling

We are three days away from being done with work and two and half weeks away from starting our thru-hike! We are still training and making sure we have the gear we need to be trail-ready. But we are also packing up our apartment. As the walls become bare and the cabinets empty, the reality of what we are about to do sinks in. A year ago, this was still just a dream. Six months ago, an achievable goal. Now, less than a month out, it’s real.

Are we really going to leave all of this comfort for no showers, junky food, and lots of bugs? Six months of it? To live a way of life that we have never really experienced? Sure, we’ve been camping, hiking, and backpacking. Its how we spend our free time. But never have we been homeless for six months.

All of Amanda’s gear for the Pacific Crest Trail 2018

Doing this thru-hike for six months will be wild. Where there was once walls, there will be wind, sun and rain. Where there were computers and stand up desks (necessary just to get me off my ass while I’m at my desk), there will be trail runners and trekking poles. After living this life for so long, we’ll feel like fish out of water.

You know what? It’s thrilling. I don’t get nervous easily. But I am getting really nervous, and it is a good feeling. It is very exciting. And I am ready to experience this. We’ll push our boundaries farther than they have ever been pushed. There is a part of me that doesn’t want to be the person that gets stuck somewhere simply because they are afraid of change. Such a clean break like this will teach each of us a couple of things: it will show us what’s it’s like to take the plunge even if it’s scary. And it will teach us what amount of possessions are really necessary to be happy, regardless of what our materialistic society says should be enough. Yeah, looking back at what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, I just feel happy and ready to jump in.

All of Corey’s gear for the Pacific Crest Trail 2018

By Corey

2 thoughts on “We are two and half weeks out from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail- Here’s how we are feeling

  1. We are thinking of you guys….It’s the Open House for FWorks. Anyway it’s Friday and you are the topic of conversation ….and we have blamed everything on you!! Just kidding….miss you!


    1. Oh is it? How exciting, I’ll take the blame for everything! Missing all of you. Hope the open house goes fantastic. 😉 we are 4 days from starting the trail, and we are freaking out a little bit.


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